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Power Phone Book
Enterprise Edition
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Phone Book - comfort, reliability, effectiveness

The Phone Book - is simple, comfortable and easy in use phone book, address book, database of emails and URLs, numbers of ICQ and other information. Phone Book - is your personal assistant.

Program Phone Book became a winner triple and got logo Yes It Works from test lab of PC Magazine/RE in frames of conducted by Microsoft program named Microsoft Office Extensions.

Phone Book is dedicated for storing following information:

  • Last name, first name, patronymic
    Power Phone Book for Ms Access

    · Current Version:
    3.731 (November, 25, 2005)
    · Operational system:
    Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
    · Download (475 KB)
    · Purchase

  • Names of enterprises
  • Names of groups (providers, buyers, friends, coworkers, etc...)
  • Sphere of business
  • Products and services
  • Birthdays
  • Phone numbers (work and home with area codes)
  • Cellular phone numbers
  • Beeper's numbers
  • Addresses
  • Work places
  • Positions
  • E-mails
  • URLs
  • Numbers of ICQ (UIN)
  • Nicknames and other information

Features of Phone Book: 

  • Simplicity and comfort in use, pleasant interface 
  • High reliability (for more than 4 years of distribution wasn't fix any case of data loss)
  • Protection your data with password
  • Powerful and very comfortable search system (quick search on one-key pushing, advanced search on any criteria, "breakthrough search" in each field, phrase or number)
  • Reserve backup/restore from reserve copy (with organizer)
  • High speed of work, due to well made and simple structure and using of full functional RDBMS MS Access
  • Automatic adaptation of software for video resolution of your monitor!!! 
  • 5 phone/fax numbers in one field
  • Dial up of phone number
  • Integration with e-mail client, ICQ and WEB-browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and others)
  • Export/import  between databases of Phone Book, deployed on different computers
  • Export in files of Excel, HTML, RTF (MS Word), DOS Text, XML (MS Access XP)
  • Printing
  • Comfortable sort of data
  • Help
  • Installation and uninstall system

Opinion of PC Magazine/RE: Styled and easy for understanding interface. This software allows storing address and phoning data about relatives and familiars with no danger of unauthorized access (for example, by virus, received thru e-mail client).   Advanced mechanism for search of addressee in database been made. The algorithm is made on dialog forms, in which criteria of search defines for following selections of data. The software is in mde-format, database is in mdb-format. There is an export opportunity to external files exists.  

Phone Book at Microsoft site

Photo of author in Hall of Fame of Microsoft Office Extensions


Photo of author in Hall of Fame of Microsoft Office Extensions Awards The Phone Book   has been awarded by many famous companies and sites, among them:

  • Microsoft
  • PC Magazine
  • Softbox
  • SoftList (Soft.mail.ru)
  • SoftBest
  • SoftArea
  • Computer Press
  • SoftPC
  • ListSoft


You can read about Phone Book in CHIP magazine (Kyiv edition 1/2000, Moscow edition 1/2002), The World of Computer, The Computer Press, CompuTerra, on sites of computerra.ru, softera.ru, ixbt.com, download.com, download32.com, download.ru, files.com.ua, etc. The software was burned on compact discs of different magazines and legal software CDs. 



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